When booking a holiday, there are few countries that can appeal to as many different tastes and interests as Malta.

Here’s 10 reasons why Malta could be the perfect destination for your next holiday.

1. The Weather

Beautifully hot in the summer months, cool yet comfortable through the winter, Malta’s incredible Mediterranean climate is one of the best advantages of holidaying on the islands.

2. The History

History buff? Malta and Gozo do not disappoint. With multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the two islands, including prehistoric temples displaying evidence of early humans and the capital city of Valletta itself, there’s nowhere better to experience history first-hand.

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3. The Sea

Malta is surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea that make scuba diving a popular activity for both locals and tourists. While here you can expect to see the exquisite variety of underwater marine life, or enjoy water sports aplenty on the surface.

4. The Beaches

The coastline tracing the perimeter of the islands is home to many sandy and rocky beaches, perfect for sunbathing on hot summer days or for barbeques amongst friends, where permitted, whilst watching the sunset on the horizon.

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5. The Nightlife

With its warm balmy evenings, Malta is the new go-to destination for party animals and cocktail-loving socialites alike. The island even has a dedicated, pedestrianised nightlife district in St Julian’s called ‘Paceville’, which is heaving with bars, clubs and restaurants of every kind, as well as a cinema and bowling entertainment complex.

6. The Size

As the fifth smallest country in Europe at only 316 km squared, the tiny size of Malta and even tinier sister island of Gozo means that nowhere is very far in terms of distance. You can therefore squeeze even more into every day of your holiday itinerary.

7. The Language

The primary two languages spoken on the islands are Maltese and English. The majority of the especially-welcoming local community will also be able to communicate in Italian, and so are able to help you with any directions or queries you may have, with the minimum of language-related fuss.

8. The Food

The menu in Malta is generally very tourist-friendly, with an availability of delicious local traditional cuisine, as well as popular dishes familiar to visitors from Italy, Britain, France or Japan. There is little more authentically Maltese however than enjoying a pastizz (a delicious savoury cheesecake) alongside the local soft drink, ‘Kinnie’.


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9. The Location and Time Zone

Due to its prime location in the heart of Europe, Malta is easily accessible by short direct flights available from most European countries, including Italy, the UK, Greece and Spain. Plus, as it is only one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, there’s no jetlag recovery time to factor into your holiday break.

10. The Shopping

Besides the many other attractions, Malta is known for its shopping precincts. With several shopping malls across the island, and a wide selection of retail stores which include branches of British and American fashion giants, you are well advised to bring an empty case with you if you fancy hitting the shops during your holiday.

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