It might be that you recognize the cliff diving dog from videos on the news or on social media channels. Carmelo, the dog owner, rose to fame after he and his 10-year-old dog, Titti, entertained beachgoers with their outstanding, synchronised diving talents. They were featured in publications such as The Daily Mail, the Washington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as CNN, BBC World News and Sky News.  The little Jack Russel Terrier had captured hearts all over the world with her impressive jumps from the high cliffs at St. Peter’s Pool. Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago because she was suffering from heart problems.

But the legacy is not yet over, a new dog came back to Delimara, as Carmelo announced that he is the proud owner of a Jack Russel named Tina. Tina is currently 3 and a half years old and was brought to Malta when she was still a puppy. A wonderful family from Russia gifted Tina to Carmelo, he is deeply grateful for their thoughtful gesture and cannot wait to show his adventures with his new dog. Tina has some big boots to fill after Titti was granted a Lovin Social Media Award for ‘Best Pet’ posthumously, but she is already making waves – Tina has just taken her first jumps from the low cliffs at St Peter’s Pool. Tina is already well into her diving practice, according to Carmelo, although it can take four to five years to truly master the discipline. You can follow Tina via her Instagram and Facebook page or see her in action with a bit of luck at St. Peters Pool in Marsaxlokk. St. Peters Pool is a beautiful small bay where one can dive off cliffs into crystal clear waters or simply relax on a towel and go for a mellow swim. The bay is only a 25 minute drive from St. Julian’s.