When it comes to buying a special someone an equally special gift, the decision of what to get them could be nerve-wracking, especially if they seem to already have it all.

In this case, buying them a holiday abroad – and specifically in Malta – could be the answer. If you’ve never considered this increasingly popular gift option before, here’s why you should.

Give Memories, Not Dust-Collectors

In a world full of material possessions, it’s the experiences that stick in the mind long after the latest piece of bric-a-brac has been stored away in the back of the closet.

Giving someone the chance to make new memories amongst friends and family is the most truly meaningful gift possible.

The Gift of Escape

No matter their situation, it seems like everyone is running to keep up these days. Quite often someone appears to already have everything, but very few will have that precious extra time to dedicate to themselves.

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That’s why giving your loved one the chance to unwind, relax and be pampered away from it all, is a very thoughtful token of appreciation for all that they do in their hectic lifestyle. The fact that Malta is home to some brilliant spas also helps make gifting easier!

Gift-Wrapping an Experience

Giving this unique gift means you can have some fun and get inventive about how you tell your loved one about it.

For a novel approach, you might consider creating a treasure hunt, where the recipient must follow clues in various wrapped gifts, leading to a final treasure chest containing the travel documents and a map, for example. You may prefer instead to keep things simple and give them a wrapped card of the destination and all the details.

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Whatever you decide, you are guaranteed that no-one else will have given them the same gift, in the same way.

Surprise or Sweet Anticipation

Depending on the age and personality of your recipients, you can choose to surprise them on the day of departure for the holiday for a whirlwind adventure, or you could tell them well in advance, so that they can prepare and enjoy the excitement of looking forward to it.

Children might get a thrill at being woken up early and taken to the airport for a sudden surprise holiday, whereas adults might need a little extra warning to tie-up any work commitments first, for example, or may prefer to pack their own suitcases ready for the trip.

Young or old, one thing is for certain: this is a gift they will never forget.

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