No holiday is complete without a souvenir to bring home with you, to remind you of the experience.

In Malta’s case, there are plentiful souvenir shops spread across the island that are jam-packed with interesting trinkets all connected somehow to local history and culture. But we admit… there are some pretty cheesy ones too!

Here’s some of the more unusual souvenirs related to the Maltese islands that both you and your friends would be happy to give pride of place back at home.

Mdina Glass

Of the many talents displayed by Maltese artisans, hand-making stunning artworks from glass has got to be one of the most fascinating. You can watch these glassblowers create their vivid works of art at the Crafts Village in Ta Qali. You’ll also have the chance to purchase your favourite piece of hand-blown glass, whether it’s a colourful vase, an intricate light fixture, or vibrant glass coasters, bowls, ashtrays or candlesticks.

Maltese Filigree

Perhaps a delicate and unique piece of handmade Maltese jewellery is more to your taste as a memento of the islands. If so, look no further than Maltese filigree, which is a traditional craft still practiced with extreme patience and precision by artisans in Malta. Made by twisting super-fine silver and gold threads together to create a variety of dainty designs, including the famous Maltese cross, exquisite pieces of filigree jewellery are available to purchase from select jewellers across the island.

Maltese Lace

If you want to support local craftspeople with your souvenir purchase, consider buying a piece of Maltese-made lace. Known for its superior quality and seemingly-endless variety of designs, handwoven Maltese lace is a traditional artform that is lesser known, but no less beautiful. You’ll be able to find locally-crafted lace pieces to buy in shops in Valletta and Mdina, as well as at some street markets such as the one in Marsaxlokk.


During your holiday in Malta, you may have marvelled at the island’s historic and fascinating architecture, from the magnificent cathedrals to the quaint limestone townhouses. As a reminder of your visit to Malta, then, you should consider purchasing one of the precision hand-crafted and hand-painted miniature replicas of your favourite Maltese buildings, colourful front doors or unique wooden balconies.

Food & Drink

If nothing else seems right, your friends are certain to enjoy a literal taste of Malta as the ultimate souvenir from your visit to Malta. Most of Malta’s unique traditional food and drink items are hard to find anywhere else in the world, so although this souvenir is less long-term, it is one-of-a-kind. Make sure to try some Maltese nougat, a popular sweet found during the summer ‘festa’ season, or perhaps take home a bottle of locally-made fruit liquor to share a traditional Maltese tipple with your friends.