Must-try food in season during July and August in Malta

 It is a fact understood by locals and tourists alike in Malta: you have not tasted fruit and vegetables until you’ve tasted them in Malta. The very best of their kind, all year round the local fruits and vegetables set the standard for delicious, juicy and quality produce. If you are visiting Malta in the months of July and August, here’s what to look out for – and indulge in – from your local market.   

Melons (Bettieħ)

Along with its first cousin the watermelon, the melon also comes into its own through the months of July and August. This smaller variety of white melon is just as sweet and flavoursome, but has no pips to navigate and is a little more convenient to take sliced in a lunchbox on a day out sightseeing. At the end of the month you may also be lucky enough to find the first winter melons, another member of the melon family in season from August.

Watermelons (Dulliegħ)

Officially in season from May to October, the Maltese watermelon hits its peak during the height of summer in July and August. Very popular across the Maltese Islands, these gargantuan fruits can be found in almost every street market and corner shop, either pre-cut into slices of varying sizes or available to buy whole. The perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach for example, the local watermelon is sweet and juicy, and when served ice cold, provides welcome refreshment on a hot sunny day.

Peaches (Ħawħ)

Although in season from May to September, again, the summer heat brings out the best of peach season in July and August. These large, incredibly sweet and juicy delicacies are ideal for a hot day, either eaten alone (preferably in front of a spectacular view) or chopped with other seasonal fruits in a fruit salad. The short Santa Rosa peaches (Ħawħ ta’ Santa Rosa) season in June and July, which also means you may be able to sample these unique fruits whilst visiting the islands at that time.

Plums (Għanbaqar)

 Like the peach, the plum prefers the summertime to reach its peak of quality. From June to September, one can pick up a punnet of these small but mighty fruits, which belie their small size with an intense flavour, as well as bursting with juice. The Maltese sun ensures that these little juice-bombs are the best of their kind – don’t miss the chance to try them, but make sure you have tissues at the ready!

Bonus: Strawberry (Frawli)

Depending on the time of your visit, you may be fortunate to catch the tail-end of the famous strawberry season in Malta. Finishing in July, the Maltese have spent previous months celebrating festivals in honour of the local strawberries, as well as buying them from stalls set up alongside the road throughout the islands, so it’s worth trying these if you get the chance. Naturally sweet, juicy and fresh, these strawberries need no sugar, cream or anything to add to their flavour – nature’s perfection, one might say.

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