Why Late Spring is the Ideal Time to See Malta’s Sights

There’s something for everyone on the Maltese islands, no matter what time of year you visit. And yet, if you want your Malta holiday to include trips to the island’s many famed sights and attractions, then the ideal time to book it would be during late spring.

Here’s why.

The Weather

Malta’s legendary Mediterranean climate tends to switch between piping hot summers and balmy, cool winters. To find that sweet-spot between the seasons, simply visit the island during the spring months to enjoy the weather as it gradually warms in readiness for the summer heat.

This perfect blend between cool and warmth means that your springtime sightseeing tour is more likely to be free of weather extremes such as rain or baking heat – just right to enjoy the sights a little longer!

Beat the Queues

It’s likely your holiday wish-list will include visits to the many museums, megalithic temples and UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the island. Since they are so popular, these attractions are best viewed during the off-peak tourist season, while the weather is pleasant but before the queues have become too heavy.

The beauty of a springtime sightseeing tour is that you may then be able to fit more sights into your holiday – and if you have children travelling with you, that also means less time trying to keep them entertained in queues.

Hit the Beach

The weather during late spring in Malta might not be warm enough yet for you to spend a full day at the beach as you might in the peak of summer, but the water is already becoming a comfortable swimming temperature.

Spring is ideal to take advantage of the peace and comfort of a less-crowded beach, too. A relaxing beach-day could include basking in the warmth on the sand, taking a dip in the crystal-clear blue seawater, and enjoying a bite to eat in front of the exquisite views across the horizon.

The Views

The crisp spring air also lends itself to some exquisite views both from the island’s coastline out to sea and inward towards the Mediterranean landscape.

Make sure to include the opportunity to take in one of Malta’s famously colourful sunsets or enjoy a view across the landscape as it changes with the seasons.

The Landscape

Springtime in Malta boasts nature at its peak, with many indigenous Mediterranean species of flora in full bloom at this time of year.

For hiking or rambling enthusiasts, this makes a spring holiday especially ideal to make the most of the magnificent landscape at its best – or you might consider a relaxing countryside picnic instead.

Bonus: The Food

While not technically a sight, this list wouldn’t be complete without mention of the delicious fresh produce in Malta that come back into season during spring.

Make sure to taste these local favourites, such as strawberries, broad beans, chickpeas and artichokes, while they are at their prime during your late spring holiday.