If you’re visiting the Maltese Islands during the spring or summer months, in all likelihood, the positively blissful weather, as well as the beaches and deep blue informed your choice. Being a tiny island in the middle of the Med, means one thing – the sea is never far, at least not farther than roughly 15 minutes away, if not literally within walking distance.

But despite there being beaches aplenty, there are a few spots which can’t be missed. Here are a few tips to help you sample the best bays the Islands have to offer.


By far, Golden Bay and its neighbouring beach Riviera have to be placed on top of the list. These highly popular and picturesque beaches, are easily accessible via public transport and are located towards the north of the island. We recommend a late afternoon dip and staying on until dusk in order to enjoy the stunning sunset from one of these vantage points. Perhaps also add a side of chilled white wine for maximum enjoyment.

Our next favourite, is St Peter’s Pool, which isn’t far off from the colourful fishing village of Marsaxlokk. We suggest combining your visit, and perhaps renting a car or a bike for the day, in order to make the most of this part of the island, known as Delimara. St Peter’s Pool is a rocky natural bay, and one of the most beautiful spots you’ll visit on the island.


We can’t but mention the glorious Blue Lagoon, located on the tiny island of Comino. Accessible via a short boat ride, which can be booked either from Cirkewwa, Malta, or Mgarr, Gozo – you’ll want to spend the entire day beaching it, and savouring this tiny paradise with azure blue, crystal-clear waters.


Our recommendations for best beaches on the sister island of Gozo, were a little harder to narrow down, however Ramla l-Hamra has to be a favourite. Characteristed by a sprawling shoreline, and its orange-red sand, this beach even boasts a blue flag status.

A small village on the southwestern part of the island, Xlendi is a gorgeous spot to spend the day when staying in Gozo. A favourite location with snorkelers and divers, this spot is popular with young and old alike due to its accessible shallow and deep waters. The bay is also characterised by several restaurants and eateries specialising in fish and seafood.

One of out favourite, tiny, tucked away beaches has to be Slugs Bay. Located towards the northern part of Malta, you’ll need to clamber down to reach this small pebbly beach. Ensconced and enveloped within the rockface, this secluded, idyllic bay is well worth the mini hike!