April 6, 2022: Our walk started off at Marsaxlokk – a colourful fishing village, located on the southernmost part of the island that is very popular in Malta, due to its concentration of restaurants and eateries, and the sweeping Sunday market stalls, set up along the promenade. It is a glorious place to have a stroll and to sit out in the sun to enjoy a coffee, a chilled beer or even have breakfast.

The Geographical Walk

After walking through the cosy village to our walking group’s meeting point, we headed off through stunning winding roads immersed in greenery and cutting through fields clad with flowers; you really get to enjoy and experience see the beauty that nature has to offer on the island. We walked up a high hill, where we stopped stop to admire the beautiful panoramic view of the sea in the distance and we got an eagle’s eye view of the fishing village where the route started.

We then headed to St. Thomas Bay, where unparalleled views of the crystal-clear sea are only enhanced by the beautiful stark white, rocky cliffs. If you look around you will also encounter interesting historical sights, such as a pillbox. There were several gorgeous spots to stop and take a break and perhaps also capture the moment. Occasionally, we were proffered some information about the location, and during the walk we engaged in animated conversations with other members of the walking group.

Exploring the beaches of the island

Malta’s nature is a heaven for walkers, it offers something that can suit almost every fitness level. You can join walks to different places because the society chooses a different route every week.

The variety on the Maltese Islands is enormous, and the walks can differ from a city walk through Valletta, a coastal walk near the sea or an outstanding walk on Gozo and Comino’s coast. The walking society is active the whole year around, so one may discover Malta’s various landscapes.

The green landscape goes through an enormous change every summer, and it is wonderful to experience the difference. The best thing about the walking routes is that you are given the opportunity of experiencing a hidden gem. As a tourist you will not quickly map out this route out for yourself, these walks give you a taste of what the Islands are like for locals.

The Geographical Society is a walking group that consists of a variety of people ranging from locals and expats, to tourists. The members of the walking group are incredibly friendly and sociable – many of them being highly informed about the natural environment – snippets which they are happy to share and disclose.

The Geographical Society offers a beautiful opportunity to explore the Maltese Islands in an unprecedented and adventurous way with a small like-minded community. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with an ice-cold drink at your point of departure, and perhaps plan your next visit.