It is for very good reason that Malta is widely acknowledged to be one of the best places to work in Europe. But what about if you are visiting Malta on holiday and hope to get some work done in between swimming and sightseeing?

Here’s why Malta is the ideal place for a working holiday, fitting in both work and play during your visit.

Close proximity to the rest of Europe

With just a three-hour direct flight from London, and a similar flight-time from Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon or Paris, for example, it’s incredibly easy to set up a business meeting in Malta with any of your work colleagues across Europe. There’s no frustrating waits to be in the same time-zone either, since Malta is just an hour ahead of the UK, so catching up on your emails whilst you’re sunning yourself at the beach is no problem.


With English as one of Malta’s two official languages, and almost 90% of the population speaking English fluently, it’s safe to say that communicating with the locals for both your holiday and working needs will be a cinch. And since English is the main language in which most of Malta’s businesses communicate, whether verbally, digitally, or on paper, then you need not bother with translators if you wish to liaise with any Malta-based companies during your visit.

Everywhere is accessible

A major advantage of Malta being one of Europe’s smallest countries is that everything on the island is within an easy distance. This is a real asset for a working holiday, since you could very easily attend a meeting in the morning on one side of the island, and still be able to join the rest of your holiday party in the afternoon for some sightseeing on the other.

Workspaces galore

If you aren’t affiliated with any of Malta’s businesses, you might assume that finding somewhere to temporarily set up your laptop and get some work done could be tricky. Not so in Malta. Most towns offer a choice of Wi-Fi connected, laptop-friendly cafes, whose raison d’etre is to provide a cosy, coffee-infused ad hoc working environment for folks like you. In fact, most will even have power sockets available should you need them for your devices (and conveniently with three-pronged plugs so no need for an adaptor). If working in a coffee shop is too distracting for you, there are also pay-as-you-go office-style workspaces available in larger areas such as Sliema and St. Julian’s.

Business-orientated facilities

Malta’s welcoming working environment has attracted many international companies from the financial, technology or online gaming sectors to set up on the island, which has in turn inspired more facilities locally to accommodate the needs of their workforce, that you can also make use of during your stay in Malta. This global influx of talent may also present you with the unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, that you may not have had at home. Not bad for a working holiday under the sun!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay during your business trip, the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian’s is a fantastic option equipped with business facilities, numerous meeting spaces and five-star amenities.