Malta has a growing number of successful entrepreneurs and artists. Here we meet Stephen Cordina, whose candles and home fragrance products have become very popular for locals and visitors alike.

Stephen’s products are renowned because he uses natural ingredients, and combines style with innovation.

His candles are particularly popular because, as they melt, they transform into a liquid that can be used to soften the skin, whether as a moisturiser or massage lotion. Stephen created these candles using his knowledge and practical experience as an aroma-therapist.

“I try very hard to source as many of my ingredients and packaging requirements in Malta,” he explains. “I come from an artisanal background – my family has been in this territory for a long time, although in a different sector.

“Being an artisan in Malta is actually a bit of a struggle but I am doing the best I can and am very grateful for the support I have received, both from the Government and from my corporate and private clients.”

Stephen believes there is now an exciting and active artisanal community on the island. “There’s a particularly interesting range of sculptors, glass workers and painters,” he says.

Stephen, who is originally from Gozo, is now looking forward to making the most of springtime on the islands.

“The wild spring flowers abound in the countryside and the weather is usually fantastic. It’s not too hot, so it’s the ideal time to explore our cities and villages, find out about Malta’s amazing history and enjoy the islands while they are still relatively quiet before the main tourist season starts.

“Spring is also a great time for me, as I can wander our valleys, enjoying the local fragrances that have been such an inspiration to Almost all my scents are based on local Maltese flora,” he adds.

Stephen’s candles and home fragrance products are available from his website and at the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian’s souvenir shop.