Malta’s typically Mediterranean weather tends to skip quickly from its cool, balmy winters straight into the heat of summer.

Fortunately, as the weather changes over the short Maltese springtime, you have just enough time to recover from the winter cold and get yourself ready to enjoy the summer sun. Here’s how:

Change of Season Pampering

Nothing soothes a body that has been wrapped up in layers of winter clothing for months more than a pampering session.

Head to the Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Spa at the Radisson Blu Resort in St Julian’s for a relaxing massage to boost circulation, or indulge in a facial to exfoliate and moisturise the skin ready for your summer tan.

Walk in the Sun

Stretch your legs and take a walk amongst Malta’s exquisite scenery, which comes alive as the weather warms at this time of year.

The fresh air will rejuvenate you after being cooped up indoors all winter, while the breath-taking views will inspire you ready for your summer projects.

Post-Winter Workout

Now is the time not only to get your body beach-ready, but also to get moving and stretch out any stiff muscles following winter.

Take out a membership to make the most of the gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna facilities at Radisson Blu Resort in St Julian’s, or sign up for one of the on-site yoga or aerobics classes available.

Get Social

Make a date to have that long overdue catch-up with friends and have that quality time together you’ve been talking about all winter.

There’s nothing quite like a chat over some fruity cocktails by the sea, or a shopping day with your friends at one of Malta’s many bustling shopping malls, to replenish your energy levels after winter.

Refresh Your Food

Recovering from winter is not just switching over your wardrobe from woollens to swimsuits, it is also about switching your diet from warming soups to refreshing nutrition.

Here Malta can help again, with another wave of locally-grown, fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables arriving over spring, making the change to eating clean, light and healthy, super easy.

Bring spring flowers inside

Go outdoors in Malta during spring, and you’ll notice that the countryside and national gardens are all awash with the bright colours of flowers in full bloom.

Recovering from the grey of winter can be as quick and easy as buying a bunch of fresh cut local flowers and bringing them indoors, to remind you that the season has changed and it’s time to prepare for sunnier times ahead.