We suggest: if you’re after a great hiking route, on the Northern part of the Island, take Selmun Chapel as your point of departure, walk along Selmun Palace and finish off at the L-Imgiebah Beach, where amazing cliffs and a beautiful bay await you.

Built in the 18th century, Selmun Palace, also known as Selmun Tower, is a villa in Mellieha. Although it bears semblance to a fortified build, both its bastions as well as embrasures, were however, never intended to be used for military purposes. During the course of its history, the villa was rented out to the Knights of St John as a place of leisure and enjoyment, where they could hunt wild animals, like rabbits.

There are various ways in which to reach this location: Selmun Palace can be reached by car; one may park in the surrounding area and enjoy a beautiful hike amidst a lush landscape, offering peace, quiet and unbelievable views. However, it is even more fun to reach Selmun Palace, by bus. Using public transport in Malta is very easy and also more sustainable than using a car. The bus network includes more than 2000 bus stops in practically every locality – so it’s a perfect way to explore the island – with a vantage point.

It’s important keep ‘light’ when planning a hike such as this, as ultimately it will only pose an additional challenge on the considerable walk down and climb up. As you walk through the countryside, past the Selmun barracks and beyond the picnicking locals, you will find yourself in a hidden and unspoiled portion of the island. The place is quite unique and incredibly peaceful, mostly because it is only known by locals; luckily, not many tourists have discovered this spot yet.

The winter season is a perfect period for spending your time on nature walks in Malta. The fresh air on your face combined with some lovely sun rays make it a lovely experience. The Maltese winter months are famous for their beautiful green natural landscape and their soft climate. Daytime winter temperatures are very mild and range from 15°C and 20°C, which is perfect for an active hike.

You will not see any restaurants or bars during your hike, so it would be advisable to take a light packed lunch and plenty of water with you. There are several spots in which you can stop to enjoy a lovely picnic with an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. We suggest planning this walk before the arrival of summer, in order to make the most of the weather conditions, as well as the luscious green landscape, and flower-filled fields.