With temperatures at their most enjoyable, the weather is perfect to take your lunch outside in some of Malta’s finest beauty spots. Here’s a few places to try for the ultimate picnic experience in Malta.


1. Ta’ Qali National Park

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The most famous and popular of Malta’s picnic spots is at the beautiful Ta’ Qali National Park, near Attard. Known for its endless fields of green grass, beside a children’s play area, a dog park, and a huge stadium, Ta’ Qali is the ideal place to enjoy some fresh air and a lazy afternoon picnic alongside family and friends.

2. Buskett Gardens

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Ask a local where to go for a woodland picnic, the response will almost certainly be Buskett Gardens, near Dingli. One of the few wooded areas on the island, this serene and idyllic woodland area is perfect for laying out on the grass under the trees and enjoying an informal picnic with good company.

3. Bidnija

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Considered one of the most beautiful places in Malta, a day out in Bidnija typically enjoys long rambles in the stunning countryside or horse-riding in the area. For a private picnic on the grass, with panoramic views and tranquillity away from the hubbub of daily life, look no further than this beauty spot.

4. The Beach

To recommend only a single one of Malta’s countless beaches for a picnic would be almost impossible. Depending on what you want for your picnic, you can choose from sandy or rocky beaches, secluded paradises such as Gnejna Bay for a private swim after lunch, or busy family hotspots full of facilities or availability of water sports such as Golden Bay. All of Malta’s beaches also come with a spectacular view, so you will be spoilt for choice to choose one for your picnic.

5. Top of the World

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Yes, you read that correctly – there’s a place in Malta known as ‘Top of the World’, and where better to enjoy a picnic that somewhere with that title? As the name suggests, this beauty spot atop a hill in Madliena has some of the most striking and extensive views of the Maltese countryside on offer on the island. If you are feeling adventurous and want to walk off lunch, then you can also hit one of the well-worn hiking trails that stretch throughout the surrounding area.

One thing we do want to stress is the importance of keeping our lovely outdoor areas clean and tidy so that others can enjoy them too! There’s a lot of good work being done by local NGOs like Let’s Do It Malta and Zibel and all it takes to do your part is to simply bring along a plastic bag to collect your rubbish and make sure to leave the site in the same state (or better!) than you found it…that’s it!

Need advice on where to spend your holiday in Malta? Speak to us at the Radisson Blu Resort, St Julian’s – we’re happy to guide you!