Located alongside the north coast of Malta near the other Maltese urban hotspot of Sliema, St Julian’s is a town with a lot to offer, including nightlife, fine dining, gorgeous views, premium hotels, beaches and a plentiful history.

Here’s five good reasons your next holiday in Malta should start in St Julian’s.

1. The Nightlife and Clubbing

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For the ultimate nightlife in Malta, look no further than Paceville – party central situated in the heart of St Julian’s. With clubs that cater for all tastes and various styles of music, Paceville is the place for a night out in which you and your friends can simply hop from one of the numerous bars to the next.

Also, should you be visiting late in August, you will be able to experience the traditional Maltese feast, celebrated in St Julian’s to honour the town’s patron saint of St Julian himself. The feast involves street fairs, religious parades, music, local traditional food and drink and an authentic taste of Maltese culture.

2. The Best Hotels

Some of Malta’s finest and best luxury hotels are located in St Julian’s, so if you are looking for five-star treatment, this is the place to be.

One of the most popular luxury hotels in the area is the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julians, which, with its numerous restaurants, bar, pools, tennis courts, spa, diving school and conference facilities all included within the resort, remains the ideal homestead for anything you might need during your stay in Malta.

3. The Choice of Restaurants

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Whilst known for its nightlife and bars, St Julian’s is also the best place to go for a bite to eat, no matter the time of day. There is a huge variety of restaurants which cater to almost every possible taste, from delicious Asian cuisine to the more traditional local and Mediterranean menu.

The notable restaurants to try in the area are Le Bistro for fresh Mediterranean goodness, the Barracuda which is known for its seafood cuisine, Kuya for delicious Asian street food, and Wigi’s Kitchen for the best examples of traditional Maltese dishes.

4. The History and Sightseeing Potential

One of the main reasons to visit Malta is to take in the rich history of the island, and in this, St Julian’s does not disappoint. Traditionally a fishing village, the area was used for hunting by the Knights of St. John from the 16th Century, and they constructed several palaces and churches which gradually transformed St Julian’s into the arterial hub it is today.

Some places of interest you should look out for when sightseeing here are Lapsi Church, a small chapel built by the Knights of St John, Spinola Palace which was built in 1688 and displays rich architecture, the magnificent St Julian’s Parish Church which overlooks Balluta Bay, and Portomaso Tower, which stands as Malta’s current tallest building and enjoys views of the bay and the pretty yacht marina.

5. The Beaches, Swimming, and Relaxation

There are three bays in the area in and around St Julian’s, named Spinola Bay, Balluta Bay and St George’s Bay; the latter is a popular sea-swimming spot accessible from a small sandy beach. St Julian’s is also home to several scuba diving schools which offer instructor-led classes for individuals or parties.

Next to St George’s Bay is also ‘The Edge’ Lido within the Radisson Blu Resort, which adds a touch of luxury to your beach day with an outdoor pool complex, including a freshwater pool and two seawater pools, as well as an indoor pool, jacuzzi, and a dedicated bar that offers unique cocktails to sip whilst you soak up the sun on your lounger.

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