On our recent trip to Malta, my friends and I took a trip to Valletta with one goal in mind: finding the best souvenirs to bring back home. I mean, who doesn’t want to surprise their loved ones with something unique that really evokes the country, right?

Now, Valletta is a city with a rich history and culture, but let’s face it, most tourist hotspots tend to be littered with the same old souvenirs that you can find anywhere else. Think keychains, shot glasses, and other generic trinkets. But with a little bit of hunting, we managed to discover some amazing souvenir shops in Valletta that offer unique and inspired pieces that are sure to impress.

So, sit tight and get ready for a handy guide that will help you avoid the usual tourist traps and go straight to the good stuff.

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the stunning St. John’s Cathedral, this shop offers beautifully designed souvenirs that take inspiration from some of Malta’s most iconic sights but interpret them in unique and super cool ways. Each item in their collection is a true masterpiece, a reflection of the passion and creativity of the local artists who design them with love and care. Whether you’re seeking a whimsical pair of luzzu-inspired socks, a charming baby-grow with funny local phrases, or a fab serving plate adorned with Maltese balconies rendered in an Andy Warhol-esque style, this shop has it all. These are sure to be souvenirs that you or your giftees won’t want to hide out of sight but will display proudly around their home.


Take a stroll down Old Bakery Street and discover the hidden gem that is Il-Lokal. This shop is brimming with boho charm and is a haven for design lovers, boasting a carefully curated collection of souvenirs made by some of the island’s most talented artists and artisans. Their handcrafted ceramic pieces are a particular highlight, capturing the essence of Maltese heritage in their intricate designs. But that’s just the beginning – browse their cookbooks, t-shirts, and snazzy jewellery for the perfect gift to remind you of your Maltese adventure. And with stunning prints and posters adorning every inch of the store, you’re sure to find the perfect artwork to hang on your walls which will add a touch of authentic Malta to your home.

Mdina Glass

Located on Merchants Street, you’ll find one of Malta’s most renowned shops, boasting stunning, handcrafted glassware creations that are a feast for the eyes. Mdina Glass uses traditional glassblowing techniques that have been perfected over generations, resulting in a collection of mesmerising vases, bowls, lanterns, sculptures, and jewellery that are truly breathtaking. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a statement piece to elevate your own home decor, you’ll find something truly special here. With their exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs, these glassware pieces are far from your typical tourist souvenirs and are sure to impress.


Cekcik on Melita Street is a delightful little treasure trove of eclectic delights that are bound to catch your eye. Even if you’re not on the hunt for a traditional Maltese souvenir, this ethnic bazaar has an array of unique and exotic products that will serve as a memorable reminder of your holiday. You’ll be blown away by the hand-painted ceramics, vibrant mosaic lamps, and fascinating retro antiques. Plus, they offer unusual accessories, hemp bags, and even cosmetics for the perfect finishing touch to your shopping spree.

Filigree shops

For something more traditional, you might want to stroll down Republic Street in Valletta in search of the many Maltese filigree shops lining the street. Filigree is a delicate and intricate form of jewellery-making that has been popular in Malta for centuries. The artisans who create these stunning pieces of jewellery use thin silver or gold wire to create intricate, lacy patterns that are often inspired by the island’s rich history and culture. The resulting pieces are beautiful and make for a perfect souvenir or keepsake of your time in Malta.

So, there you have it – our top picks for hunting down the best souvenir shops in Valletta. With these unique and inspiring shops, you’ll be sure to find souvenirs that are both beautiful and meaningful. Don’t settle for the same old souvenirs – go out and discover something truly special!