We know strong and reliable WiFi access is essential for your holiday. After all, don’t we all want to Instagram that perfect breakfast or dinner by the sea?

So if you’re on the hunt for a connection, here are some of the most popular places in Malta where you can use WiFi free of charge, whether you need to go online for work purposes, to help you find your way, or just to post a snap.

1. Pembroke Gardens

A great location with loads of facilities and fun things to do for the little ones and also frequented by lots of exercise-junkies thanks to its plentiful space and the amazing sea views it offers.

The gardens are just down the road from the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian’s so it’s perfect if you’re staying there or popping by after enjoying a meal at Le Bistro. Whilst you’re there, you can take advantage of the free wifi offered by the Malta Communications Authority (to find more MCA hotspots, check out their app).

2. Costa Coffee, Various

Of all the countless cafes and coffee shops across the island that offer free WiFi, the Costa chain wins here for being most consistently available due to its multiple locations, as well as for the welcoming WiFi culture that it seems to inspire.

Apart from the tasty range of beverages and snacks available, the free WiFi is one of the primary reasons that most business meetings are suggested to be held at the local Costa Coffee. You’re very welcome to sit for hours tapping away on your laptop!

3. Malta International Airport, Luqa

It’s a little-known fact that the main airport in Malta also offers its own free WiFi service. This comes in handy not only whilst waiting for arriving passengers or passing the time before your flight in the departure lounge, but also makes for a useful connection spot in this part of the island.

4. Pjazza Regina, Republic Street, Valletta

This charming square in the heart of Malta’s capital city Valletta is home to outdoor seating for the various cafes and restaurants that trace its perimeter, and it sits next to the main Parliament Square which marks the central landmark of the city.

Besides being able to plan your day of sightseeing thanks to checking reviews and information, you can also hop online on your smartphone whilst enjoying a cool drink outside on Piazza Regina to share a photo of your exquisite surroundings there with your friends and family.

5, Sliema Ferries/St Anne Square, Sliema

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Both these free WiFi networks are operated by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), as part of a plan to install more than 300 such free WiFi hotspots across Malta and Gozo.

These two key places in Sliema are especially useful to tourists, with the promenade-based Ferries WiFi hotspot being popular to find online bus or ferry information when in doubt, and the St Anne Square network often used to search for shop opening hours or price comparisons, whilst in the midst of Sliema’s bustling shopping precinct.

A lot of these spots can be found on your way if you opt to walk along The St Julian’s to Sliema Promenade. As always, check out our Guide To Public Transport in Malta if you need help getting anywhere!