Wanna get Insta-Happy? Here’s Where to Take the Best Photos for Your Malta Holiday Album!

 Whether it’s a stunning sunset behind a glistening sea horizon or a magnificent historical building in the heart of a city, Malta is jam-packed with beautiful sights just begging to be photographed.

Here are just some of the beauty spots across the Maltese islands that will guarantee the ultimate backdrop for your holiday photos. They’ll be #InstaWorthy!

 St George’s Bay, St Julian’s

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This pretty inlet into the St Julian’s coastline is just a stroll away from the Radisson Blu Resort. Offering the best of both worlds, St George’s Bay boasts a golden sandy beach beside a turquoise blue sea, right next to a bustling metropolis packed with shops and restaurants. This makes it the ideal spot for your latest social media story, where you can take a selfie in a trendy bar, and minutes later, take another at the beach.

Popeye Village, Mellieha

Built in the 1980s as a film set for the ‘Popeye’ movie starring Robin Williams, this sprawling wooden village remains today one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malta. Beyond taking some pictures of the family fun inside the village, however, you also won’t be able to resist snapping the spectacular sea view from the village, across the stunning Anchor Bay in Mellieha.


I had lots of plans to really document this holiday. But 3 days in and I’ve hardly lifted the phone or camera… today was spent by the pool playing with little rubber dogs (ducks seem to be so last century ????????‍♀️), sticky ice cream faces and 1835 jumps off the edge… you just can’t take your eyes off little ones when on holiday, nor would I want to. In this era of blogging, mobile phones and constant stream of contact the most rebellious thing feels like putting it down but I don’t ever want to look back and wish I looked up….. I might document more this holiday but then again I might not. Even without the pics to look back on, I’ll never forget today. #memoriesarethegrestestphotobook #liveinthemoment #irevertedtoslaggingcolinallday #andbellaaskedmewilligrowboobiesaftermybirthday #myphoneinsultsmeless ????

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Any list of photogenic spots in Malta would be incomplete without mention of the capital city of Valletta. This gridded city, designed and built by the Knights of St John in the 1500s, has historic architecture and impressive sea-views around every corner. Take your time to explore the city as much as you can during your holiday – the photos you’ll look back on when you’re back at home will make it more than worth it.


Malta’s old capital city of Mdina, nicknamed ‘The Silent City’, is famed for its quaint winding narrow streets and breath-taking views across the island from the hill-top bastions. Be sure to keep your camera handy as you walk through the cobbled lanes, to capture the architectural magnificence, awe-inspiring panoramic views and traditional features of this unique city.


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For photographs that are alive with vibrant colours and local flavour, look no further than Marsaxlokk. This seafront fishing village has a long line of Mediterranean restaurants and cafes, all looking out onto a mass of traditional brightly-coloured Maltese boats named ‘Luzzu’. If you visit on a Sunday morning, you will also be able to browse the popular local market that traces the coastline, where this perfect example of Maltese culture will also inspire dazzling photographs.