The Maltese islands are an ideal destination for a summer trip – locals are friendly, the beaches are beautiful, and it’s easy to get around. Whether it’s your first time visiting the island, or returning for another warm summer trip, we’ve come up with a list of things we recommend you bring with you.


There’s a reason why this is on top of the list – you’ve got to go for a swim whilst in Malta. The crystal-clear seas surrounding the Maltese islands will tempt you to take a dive, thus, it’s best if you come prepared and get beachwear with you.

Hat & sunscreen

Whether you’re spending a relaxing day by the pool, or feeling adventurous and wanting to explore the islands, it’s best to stay protected. Take precautions while visiting Malta and use a hat and sunscreen to prevent sunburn and sunstroke.


Although it should go without saying, Malta and its neighbouring islands are breath-taking, and there are numerous photo opportunities everywhere you turn.

Comfortable shoes

Whether you’re walking from one village to the next, or taking a historic walking tour around Mdina, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Snorkelling Mask

Only needing minimal equipment, snorkelling is the ideal way to see Malta’s underwater world bathed in turquoise waters. As you snorkel around Malta and Gozo you will see amazing geological formations, along with Malta’s rich marine life. We recommend bringing a mask and a snorkel with you on your trip to the Maltese islands, as it’s definitely something you want to experience during your time on the islands.