If you’re counting the calories as well as the chocolate treats from your egg hunt, then Easter in Malta can be tricky to navigate.

But if you’ve overindulged on chocolate eggs or eaten one-too-many of Malta’s delicious yet calorific ‘figolli’ almond cakes, have no fear – here’s how you can exercise in Malta to melt away those Easter pounds.

Become a Gym (Easter) Bunny

A classic for a reason, hitting the gym has long been a popular way to bring up the heart rate whilst bringing down the waistline. As an added incentive, most gyms in Malta also offer access to indoor swimming pools, saunas and spas, so you can get pampered as well as trim. Check out the Body Power Club at the Radisson Blu Resort, St Julian’s for a range of membership options.

Go for a Run

Now that spring has officially sprung, the weather in Malta has hit that sweet-spot between hot and cold that makes for ideal running conditions. With such stunning scenery across the countryside or out to sea on offer as well, there’s no excuse not to pull your running shoes on and experience Malta’s natural beauty from the freedom of the open road.

Join a Dance or Aerobics Class

If getting your groove on is more your idea of keeping fit, then try joining one of the many dance or Zumba classes available in Malta. Whilst you’re feeling the beat, chances are you’ll be having too much fun to notice that you’re also burning calories, raising your heart rate, and building lean muscle. If you’re more into yoga, then then are plenty of options too.

Hit the Shops

Just in case we needed another excuse for a shopping trip, a day spent shopping – with walking between shops at a moderate pace, trying on clothes, climbing stairs and carrying purchases home – can potentially burn hundreds of calories. Just remember not to be tempted by the cakes at the store’s coffee shop! A day trip to the Ferries in Sliema will give you access to a multitude of shops as well as sea views, or you could try exploring Valletta’s hilly streets at speed to really up your heart rate.

Take a Hike

If running is not for you, then a bracing walk is just as good a form of exercise. Malta’s countryside has countless trails for you to ramble along and enjoy the beautiful views, whilst getting some fresh air and shedding a few pounds into the bargain. Make sure to check out some spectacular walks available by Dingli cliffs, or along the coast through the Pembroke Garigue Heritage Park in St Julian’s.

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