Malta and Gozo have plenty to offer visitors, whatever time of year they choose to visit these beautiful Mediterranean islands. For many, however, the perfect time is during spring (between April and June), when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, and the plentiful Maltese attractions are not yet too crowded.

Here’s why May is the perfect month for your Malta holiday.

Just-Right Weather

As winter’s chill departs, Malta prepares for summer with a sudden burst of warmth during springtime. May in Malta tends to enjoy a lot of sunshine and very little rain, averaging around 10 hours of rapidly warming temperatures every day. This means that, even though you’ll still need sunscreen and a hat through the main part of the day, it’s not yet so baking hot as to limit your sightseeing and beach visits.

Bloomin’ Marvellous Springtime

With the arrival of spring in Malta comes an extraordinary array of flora and. The gorgeous valleys erupt in colourful full bloom, making May the perfect time for countryside walks and hikes in the pleasantly warm weather. Check out the Pembroke Garigue Heritage Park near the Radisson Blu Resort in St Julian’s, which is the coastal home to a variety of Mediterranean species that are at their very best this time of year.

Beat the Peak Tourist Season

Since Malta’s tourist high-season tends to fall between July and September, the islands are far less busy in May. Beyond better deals on flights, accommodation and rental cars, you’ll also be sidestepping the heatwaves that will hit in a matter of weeks, will have first dibs on the best spots at the beach, and be at the front of the queue at all the sightseeing attractions.

Explore Malta’s Heritage in Peace

Speaking of the off-peak tourist season, Malta’s plentiful heritage sites and attractions, including a variety of ancient temples, churches, museums and forts, are still relatively uncrowded in May. Not only does this mean that you’ll have the spectacular beauty of these historic sites mostly to yourself and your camera, but also, without the need to wait in line, you can pack even more sightseeing into every day of your holiday itinerary.

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Experience Some of the Best Local Events

Malta’s events calendar is always heaving with a wide range of interesting and fun events, but some of the most famous and anticipated of them take place over springtime. In May, the vibrant local village feasts known as ‘Festi’ are starting to take place, whilst the country excitedly prepares for two upcoming internationally-renowned annual music festivals, Earth Garden and Isle of MTV. At the end of the month, fashionistas from around the world also descend on Valletta for the highly glamourous Malta Fashion Week.

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