Get ready to embark on a visual journey through the stunning landscapes and iconic spots of Malta and Gozo. From captivating historic sites to picturesque coastal views, this blog is your ultimate guide to capturing those picture-perfect moments that will make your Instagram feed shine.

Let’s dive into the beauty and charm of the Maltese Islands, one photo at a time!

Triton Fountain, Valletta

Start your journey into Valletta with one of the best Instagrammable locations in all of Malta—the iconic Triton Fountain. This magnificent masterpiece features three towering bronze Tritons supporting a grand basin, with water gracefully soaring into the air. Whether you capture it during the day, when the water dazzles in shades of blue, or at night, when the fountain comes alive with enchanting lights, the Triton Fountain sets the perfect stage for what awaits within Malta’s vibrant capital city.

Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

Discover the charm of the small yet picturesque Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta. Adorned with pretty blooms, beautiful grand arches, and a serene bordering terrace, this little gem offers an awe-inspiring view of the magnificent Grand Harbour, the Three Cities, and the bustling shipyard, all spread out on the horizon. Lose yourself in the breathtaking panoramic vistas that await, creating the perfect backdrop for an eye-catching Instagrammable moment.

Tigné Beach, Sliema

While Valletta offers countless other photo-worthy spots around its historic streets, you may also want to capture the famed city from outside its walls. Head to Tigné Beach in Sliema for a magnificent photo op that takes in Valletta’s unique skyline and bastioned walls as your backdrop. For an enchanting touch, visit in the evening when the city transforms into a golden masterpiece, with its lights gracefully reflecting on the dark sea.

Mdina Gate, Mdina

Undoubtedly one of Malta’s most photographed spots ever, Mdina Gate is a truly grand entrance to the ancient citadel that features a moated bridge and proud lion statues guarding its path. Adorned with intricate sculptures and hidden symbolism, the archway offers a captivating glimpse into the past. You may even recognise it from its appearance in the Game of Thrones series, where it served as one of the gates of King’s Landing. Get ready to capture this historic portal of timeless beauty and intrigue.

Blue Door, Mdina

Mdina’s Blue Door, informally known for its picturesque appeal, has become a beloved spot among both locals and tourists. Framed by vibrant blooms adorning the surrounding wall, this stunning wooden double door, crowned with a charming circular window, exudes the timeless beauty of Mdina. Located in Saint Agatha’s Esplanade, the captivating door awaits, ready to add a touch of allure to your Instagram feed.

Popeye’s Village, Anchor Bay

Get ready for a truly unique Instagram moment at Popeye’s Village, an authentic movie set that served as the backdrop for the beloved family classic starring Robin Williams. Step into the vibrant world of Sweethaven, a real-life replica of the cartoon town, with its colourful streets and charming huts, offering the perfect setting for quirky and lively photos. And don’t forget to capture the breathtaking view of Popeye’s Village from the viewpoint above Anchor Bay, where the entire village and sparkling sea unfold beneath you.


The picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk is where vibrant luzzu boats gracefully bob in the bay, creating a postcard-perfect scene. Capture the essence of this charming village and its rich maritime heritage by strolling along the waterfront, surrounded by the traditional Maltese boats and the sparkling Mediterranean. For an added touch of charm, visit during the bustling food market, where you’ll find a feast for both your taste buds and your camera, with stalls brimming with delectable foods and treats.

St. Peter’s Pool, Delimara

Discover the hidden gem of St. Peter’s Pool, a natural pool nestled at the tip of Delimara Point. Capture yourself standing on the large flat rock, elevated above the dazzlingly blue waters. It also makes for a photo opportunity filled with exhilaration as you dive into the refreshing pool below, against the canvas of the summer sky.

Ta’ Pinu Church, Gozo

Set proudly in the village of Għarb on the island of Gozo, Ta’ Pinu Church stands as one of the most picturesque churches across the Maltese islands. Surrounded by the idyllic Gozitan countryside, this charming church sits somewhat isolated, exuding a tranquil aura. The little piazza outside, adorned with red-bricked patterns, is an evocative setting for a truly memorable photo amid enchanting surroundings.

Salt Pans, Gozo

Venture to Gozo’s northern coast, just a stone’s throw away from Marsalforn, and discover the mesmerising Salt Pans. In this unique coastal setting, chequerboard squares intricately carved into the rockface create a breathtaking scene. Set against the Mediterranean Sea, each square gathers shallow pools of water that beautifully reflect the sky above. It’s a fantastic Instagram-worthy moment.